Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'll wait till eternity

When I felt lonely in crowds
I have held your hand.
When I have cried silent tears
I had your hand wipe it away
When I have been jubiliant
I have celebrated with you.
When I had a deep secret
I have shared it with you.
When I have been nervous
I had you standing by me.
When I have felt blue
You've lifted my spirits.
When I have fallen sick
You took care of me.
And I too want to do
All you've done for me & more
So please tell me
Where will I find you?
If you need a reason,
Will this reason be enough?
That people fall in love
with the ones they know
But I have loved someone
-Not even knowing if he exists.
But still I have loved you
with the hope that my faith & love
will get you to me
Even if you are'nt there.
God will create the you in someone
and send across to me.
Dont come to me if you feel
That someone can love you
after knowing you, more than I do
despite being unaware of your whereabouts.
But if you dont come, dont think
that I shall know someone else & love.
I shall keep loving you & wait
till the time it pulls you to me.

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