Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Love with a broken heart

If one day you cross my way
& ask that if I love even today?
Your mind will think I won’t
But my heart doesn’t say I don’t.
You chose to stay away from me
But separate from you I couldn’t be.
Consoling friends & a betraying lover
That’s what was left in life forever.
You went away & never did care
If I am dead or still I am there.
But my love wasn’t so weak dear
Farther you went, I held you more near.
When you were with me I did say
I love you more than any one may.
But I didn’t know that I don’t love
Only that much but quite above.
I realized that when you went far
& pain my heart suffered at no par.
It was then that I took it as God’s will
& knew the reason behind an act ill.
Perhaps my love wasn’t ample for your heart
Much more love was deserved on your part.
So God took away my heart from my body
& gave me broken pieces of part of me.
So now I love you no more with my heart
But you are being loved with every broken part.

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