Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Never knew-would feel this way

I never knew that I would feel this way,
When once again in my life crosses your way.
It is said out of sight is out of mind-
Maybe, hence, I couldn’t my love’s depth find.
How I have been swayed away, how do I show?
What am I feeling, can anyone else than me know?
I had dried up my heat when I knew
You have gone so far that I can’t reach you.
& I convinced myself so hard about it
so that I don’t die everyday a little bit.
I cajoled myself so well in this affair
that for your extant I really didn’t care.
& now suddenly that you stand here;
I’m accosted to a queer fain & a fear.
Never did I know that I still love you so
Now I sit & conjecture how did I let you go?

1 comment:

T@HeR KOH said...

really touching...i m sure every1 has gone thru dis phase once in der lifetime...