Saturday, May 31, 2008

Star Of My Life

From all the near and dear one
I choose you as my life’s real fun.
You are the most indispensable part of me
Without you life would be dead surely.
The thought to stay without you drives me crazy
Your absence makes sky of my life hazy.
It is not that I have in my life very few
But I don’t have anyone as precious as you.
The stars in the sky don’t make the night
The night is in existence coz of the moons might.
But there is a night when the moon disappears
& the charm of the stars do reduce my fears.
Everybody in this world comprise of the moon so far
Not in the moon you are, but my life’s star.
Coz I know that even when the moon will betray
The star in the sky of my life will always stay.

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