Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sweet Memories of Childhood

Sweet memories of childhood seed in a bud,
Still remind me of my castle of mud.
I fly in my past’s long drive to gather,
The scattered moments of joy together.
The past journey, where I could see love till eternity,
& love among fellow beings depicted fraternity.
Where no cruelty did lie in ones passion,
Where in love there was no adulteration.
The true love and affection of my childhood life,
Intensifies the bitterness of my youth’s sweet knife.
Those golden days were just spent in a blink,
About which I write with tears as the ink.
None care about the feelings of a grown up child,
& take their sensitivity in a manner very mild.
People think they’re capable of standing on their own,
Coz they believe a very fine seed they have sown.
But forget that their seed needs support of family,
To grow from a seed- to a plant- to a tree.

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