Saturday, May 31, 2008

This evening at 6

A mother somewhere was robbed of her child
A child somewhere wondered where his bird flied
A bird completed her nest with the last stroke of grass
The grass somewhere felt the cold feet of an elderly lady
A grandmother was shoved by her kids in an asylum
Someone just went mad in the love of a beauty
A beauty just broke the friendship of someone
Somebody made friends with one who was lonely
While someone sitting alone on a beach gazed at the sunset.
A sunset, which at the same time mesmerized two lovers
The love of someone deserted the life of other
The thirst unquenched of someone in a deserted land
Somebody shook hands with death coz hope shook off him
Somebody lighted a ray of hope where hands join to pray
Someone joined hands on a stand for humanity
Somewhere humanity suffered on the hands of terror
Someone made peace after a long season of hatred
Somewhere the season gave a pleasant change
And some change brought a pleasant season
Some of the many things that happened
This evening at six


mfadhil said...

Reena Mehta said...

Alifiyah Hi this is Reena Jason's fren...u are truly one of the finest writer i have exageration...i loved this poem...the evening at beautifully have you weaved one line into the other. U really write very well...and i would love if you share more such treasure with me...i love reading...