Friday, May 30, 2008

Unending search

When I was apart from you far a few days
My longing embraced along with it a gaze.
I gaped at any door & believed that you’ll enter
& in your soothing arms you’ll give my agony a shelter
My eyes kept looking for you at all the places
I kept looking for your face in all other faces.
Unaware of why my search was so foolish
I still kept searching to console my anguish.
& then came the day when I returned back
The joy in my heart suffered space’s lack
Now you would be imagined & it wouldn’t be
only imagination but could also be reality.
I wanted to cup your face in my palms
Throw away all the tears in your arms
Would you make a drink of your love & give it to me
Coz without it I have been so dead & thirsty.
I don’t know when I see you, if tears flow
Or with euphoria a smiling face would glow.
All things set I fixed my eyes on the door
Through which, about you coming, I was sure.
And now you tell me that you have shifted
Time & vexation has me from you drifted.
And all my feelings are now lying like a mail
Outside a closed door, like an untold tale.
How much I now hope that it wasn’t true
But still my eyes keep searching for you.

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