Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Life Is a Movie

             Life for me is like a movie. Some people believe in destiny & some in Karma. For me life is a combination of both-I’ll tell you how. When we go to see a movie, the whole plot is set up by the director. That’s destiny. But we choose which movie to go to. That’s Karma. When we see a movie, even directed by those mortals, we get so involved that we associate ourselves with those characters. We laugh with them, cry with them, sing with them & get so lost that at a point we even forget that we are two different identities.
             Life is a movie directed by God-& He has directed-I don’t think I have to tell you they are infinite. So if a man-made movie can charm us so much, we certainly can be completely swayed by His movies & moves. We forget that what we are going through at that point in time is just a make believe & after the show is over, we have to go back home. That’s the way many people live their lives. Some adapt the roles of the hero, some of the heroine, some are just appendages, and some are villains.
             But all of it has to come to an end & back home we are answerable as to what did we learn from it. You can always choose which movie would you like to watch-romantic, action, thriller, drama-the rest is just directed by God. At any point you are free to switch to any other movie-& that way even change your destiny. Then there are times when you feel nothing is making sense. At those times you have to think from the perspective of the Director.
             If you really love the movie, you’ll enjoy every bit of it; or more aptly put-you’ll only enjoy every bit of it, if you love the movie. At the same time you always have to bear in mind that nothing is for real. All the riches, that the character you associate with yourself has, are not going to be carried home with you. But the traits are.
              Like I say- stories go with the flow; what we are left in the end with are morals. When you are too low in life, all that you have to do is get out of the skin of that character. And when even that doesn’t work, just switch to another movie folks……

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