Thursday, July 17, 2008

God, Me & He

I was walking on the road of life
Holding hands with my God.
When I met a fellow who said
In your love I am engrossed.

I, too, fell in love with him
At his first sight on me
Life’s most beautiful journey began
With God, me & he.

But then one halt came in life
When he began to think
Can we three walk together?
Won’t it our love ship sink?

Since he believes that God of mine
Is different from his Lord
Coz both have different names
How can both we afford?

So if I want to be with him
I have to choose among
My love & my Lord
Oh! What’s right what’s wrong?

I can’t now live without my love
& how do I leave my God
Both of them make up my soul
For which one do I nod?

Only if he could understand
That God is never twain
The only realization required is
Our prayers are the main.

How do then I leave my faith
Who on every step of life
Has been my support & strength
How do I quit Him & be his wife?

I found my Lord saying, one day, to me
When so confused, I closed my eyes
That even if you hold his hand
Your Lord with you always lies!

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