Thursday, July 17, 2008

Longing for my Shore

I have traveled distance from all I love

I am shoved in a place I least deserve.

Not that life had for me no options in store,

But new horizons I wanted to explore, leaving behind my shore.

Now each day comes in with a new learning for me

New people & experiences around, I take gleefully.

The day just passes in getting all that I wanted,

& the night dawns upon with my cravings unheeded.

Craving for a meal cooked with love & served,

The touch & care of someone I have loved.

Looking at the stars, I remember the days

When I had the friendly stars with me always.

Today the clouds of distance have hid from my eye

The twinkle in her eyes which for me does lie.

But I know the darkness wouldn’t last for long.

The morning bird will soon sing a welcome song.

When life will be bright & would open to me a door

To a place where I can live with all I love-back on my shore.

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