Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Mask

Sometimes in life we experience real happiness

When we think more bout others & for us less.

To think about others gay is not an easy task

Though you be sad: you’ve to wear a smiling mask.

Something deep within the heart pinches to us

& we are compelled to feel that life is a curse.

But that pain forever does not in heart seal

Be sure that one fine day it is going to heal.

Then the dark clouds from mind get shattered

& we find quite a few things by us scattered.

If you have worn your mask and tried best

To hide your tears then fine will be rest.

The scattered things will be appreciation of all

& showers of praises& love on you will fall.

But if your face has been the image of your mind

Negligence & solitude is what you will find.

So if you want happiness after a sadistic state

Be a diplomat; although false, you’ll find some mate.

1 comment:

T@HeR KOH said...

I could understand your feelings in this poem...luv ya