Thursday, July 17, 2008

Missing You

Those are the bitterest moments
That you love without you spends.
Your physical absence makes me mad
Without you all my joys are sad
I carry with me but you always
You’re spread in my life like sunrays
How I miss you, I can’t explain
Away from you life is a pain.
It is like the darkest cloud in the sky
Full of rains but then too dry.
The mountain of my patience so high & strong
Goes weak in your absence & all is wrong.
All the flowers in blossom fade
Scorching heat lies in coolest shade.
To be without you is more painful
Than having of some venom cupful
I would not want to be with me
As much as I want with you to be.
The stars in the sky will always stay
Be it night or be it day
Similarly I carry you presence with me
‘coz physically you are absent, not mentally.
No eyes do see you in the morning light
It’s me who’ll have you day & night
‘Coz to see & feel something that is hidden
Is not everyone’s forte, else than love bitten

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