Thursday, July 17, 2008

Unwiped Tears

Happy & sad days don’t forever stay
The tide of time wipes each of them away
Before he came-it was so plain
He came in life as season’s first rain
Soothing & calming, his effect was so intense
He spread everywhere in life love’s fragrance.
Then came the spring of togetherness
& everything else than we did dispense
I started to feel that we both are in love
He keeps my place separate from all & above
In his heart I had made a place of mine
This was my perception of dreams so fine
But then came the autumn & carried along
The moisture of our love along with a storm
I could not find what broke our trust
Although we were close; miles were between us.
I tried to hold it much more tight
To make all fine & set wrong right.
But then I realized that he was smoke
He escaped away & my heart broke
He didn’t care to know what would be I
And left me alone in this agony to die
Those happy days spent & I didn’t realize
To know whether love on his part lies
Maybe it was I misinterpreted his behavior
But at least my opinion about him he did hear
Then why didn’t he tell me this ever before
That he is the wave who wouldn’t stay on my shore.
A tide was not needed this time my joys to wipe
My tears washed it all & remained unwiped..

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