Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wealth-earthly & heavenly

Two men I’d seen as converse as they could be
One craved for materialism & other for wealth-heavenly.

The first would search for ways he could earn,
The latter passed his life in love and to learn.

Bit kind was first, as to help, donated his wealth,
The other well-hearted did strive with his health.

Many gave the merchant jewels of praise,
The other was made to spend days in haze.

The merchant was cunning, nor devotee, nor brave,
The poor was prepared to face his deity in grave.

One regarded his family as his world,
For the other; world was family, I had heard.

The first was left in his grave alone to moan,
For the other, blessings & love of God were thrown.

The earlier was remembered in world for his greeds,
The other was praised by people for his deeds.

The first one along with his death had died,
The latter, in people’s heart, after death has lied.

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