Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Wonderous Night

The earthly star is going to drown
Making the world dark & brown
In the ocean deep will it go
To make a day again tomorrow.

The silver flower will appear in garden
Of the universe in the heaven .
It will send off all it carries
With the loving & affectionate fairies.

It’ll grow brighter & brighter as the night darkens
& will peep through my window from the heavens
I’ll give all thine to it, I swear
because the companions like it are rare.

I’ll talk to him all about whom I care
The one whom I do see in my nightmare
Until the morning star is set to arrive
& I will from the moon get deprive.

But I know, its always with me
Let it be night or day it be
I’m not alone in the world as such
Because I carry with me its touch.

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