Friday, January 30, 2009

The essay that got me in the best Social Work Institute (TISS)

I start with stating what exactly my belief is & why I feel so. I feel that the onus of earning should remain with the husband. I should have all resources to pursue activities which will not necessarily get monetary returns and more so because I am in the field of social work which is not meant to be a money making business but a self satisfactory journey.

We can’t deny the fact that money is very essential for sustaining ourselves. Until we have our basic needs taken care of, we can’t step on the higher pedestal of Maslow’s pyramid.

Being born as a female I sometimes feel that I can skip the basic need step & put that responsibility on my partner. Otherwise if we go to see, from ancient era, being a female has always been seen as a disadvantage. She is always given the household responsibility. Earning & procuring resources for the family has always been the forte of men. And this has been the case since Adam & Eve came into being.

Because of stigmatising & tabooing women as inferior since they are in the house, the whole concept of being at home & taking up their household responsibilities has assumed an inferior status. Though all of us know that the responsibility that women bear is far more crucial & difficult than men’s.

Since the time women have also started moving out of the house the whole system & unit of family is disturbed. Women taking up the responsibility of men & assuming their role usually doesn’t make men assume the women’s role & assume or at least share a part of their responsibility.

Hence I feel that the distribution of roles assigned is very apt & should remain so. This doesn’t mean that women shouldn’t work. They should work but not at the cost of their family responsibility. And if women assume such a role where they can’t give their complete attention to their work, hey are bound to earn less. And that income won’t take care of all needs.

But being capable when it comes to earning for sustaining self and family is very important. If the woman is educated & is capable of taking care of herself, the husband doesn’t remain in a position of unduly dominating all aspects of her life. This freedom can only be attained if the husband knows that his wife can be well off herself without his support too.

Women need to understand this aspect. Especially those interested in social work don’t have a scope for earning too much. It is for people who feel that they have to do something for relieving people from their sufferings as much as they can. Being a man I would have less options in serving people since I wouldn’t have been able to leave my family for 6 months & go in for a relief project, wherein instead of earning, I might have to incur expenses & let my family starve, beg or borrow. Being a woman I can do it without any guilt. More so I can dedicate my spare time after doing my inherit duty towards my family & at the same time serve this world & have a meaningful life.

It is like, ‘It’s true that there is no money in poetry, but there is no poetry in money either.’ So I prefer to be the poet & leave the marketing to the male counterpart.

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