Friday, January 30, 2009

Never felt this way before

There are some special moments in life

When you know that you feel the way you have never felt before

The joy doesn't come from any reason or cause

That is love maybe that gets the wonderful glow on me

Where does it come from, I don't know

Is it the way you look at me that tells how you feel?

Or the vibes that you send across when you hold my hand

It surely is the way that you kiss me so soft

And the warmth with which you hold me in your arms

Where does it come from I don't know

But I know that it wasn't this way ever before

No matter how happy I used to be

Now even without a reason I have a smile

Playing on my lips, thinking about you

Where does it come from, I don't know

But it is surely that was never before

& it will go if you ever go

So maybe I can say that the joy that I have

Is brought by you in my life

Where does it come from, maybe I do know!


AS said...

The way you weave words into thoughts and the flow of your poems is mesmerising.

I esp. liked this one -- Longing for my shore.

I would like to read more of your poems - pls do let me know.


zainab nasir said...

This is so beautiful

Alefia said...

Thanks zainab

Alefia said...

Thanks zainab