Friday, January 30, 2009

You complete me

In the mirror I always saw an incomplete beauty
When you hold me I was as gorgeous as can be.

It is so true that lust is a sin
But with you only love it has been.

To touch the soul, but it is a mortal path to take
& what is more blissful than in your arms to wake.

When you fiddle with my fingers I just suppose
That my entire body gets transformed in those.

There is a special gaze you hold
which asks me in your arms to behold.

Oh! When you vigorously brush my hair
what happens around, I dont care.

When you tilt on your shoulder my head
The pleasure it gives is not on the coziest bed.

When you pull me by holding my waist
In my subdued desires you bring unrest.

When you moisten the skin on me
A volcano within to erupt you set free.

When you held my hand, my heart you stole
& when you kissed my lips, you quenched my soul!!