Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mind Ripples

In our regular course of life, some lucky ones amongst us have a sudden realisation that hits us and we wonder and take account of our current situation, our job, our relationships. For most of us, it is a break-out call. An uneasiness that can't be explained. A distraction that doesn't let you do anything with peace. Something that keeps pulling your attention from your mundane life. That, my dear friends is what you can call 'calling in you life.'
We manage to keep the waters of our mind very still and don't like anything stir and disturb it. When our passion or calling in life surfaces, ripples get created over our otherwise still demeanor and we get uneasy. What we fail to realise is that it is the slow emerging of something deep under us.
Most of us get so restless with these ripples that instead of letting life take its course, we freeze ourselves in the current situations. Our calling and passion is then not able to break through the ice of our mind. Only if we let the ripples pass, will what has been creating unrest within our mind will surface and stand out giving you the identity that other lack.

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