Thursday, June 19, 2014

The CRASHing of the heart-drive!

Break ups are never easy. The only positive thing about it is the word "UP" when actually your whole world comes crumbling down. They say with new times and modern technology, there is a lot you can do to distract yourself. But the irony is that most of  the time, you are distracted tracing the digital footprints of your once beloved EX. You are wondering what DP they post on their watsapp profile. When were they last seen chatting?Are they posting happy statuses on Facebook? Are they retweeting funny messages with an LOL?Have they deleted your instagram pictures and cropped you from your couple images?Have they started tagging someone else on their pictures?Are they as upset as you - which can be guesses by the kind of sad heart-break quotes they are sharing on their wall?

Wasn't a heart break much less haunting when all you had to do is stop calling them over the phone and you were done. You would have no clue what is going on with their lives and you could move on so much more peacefully giving time for your wounds to heal.

As we go digital, have we brought upon more pain than joy on us?

Will the virus of a break-up ever leave us alone or keep spamming our lives till we see another update on their wall that says - In a relationship!?

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