Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Are you happy, now?

In her thoughts, they were still together, and would probably always be.
She was following him all the time in her mind...as he ate, slept, watched TV.
There was no running away from him; his presence was a haunting 'memory'.
She was alone and he was making her lonely.
She knew he never belonged to him, but his casual meetings were enough for her to weave the fantasies.
After all, they had one big common interest - Love for him!
And she was more than happy to do anything to make him happy.
Making him happy had become the reason of her living - it made her happy.
Maybe she thought she would become indispensable by making sure he is happy with her.
Forgetting the primal rule of the cruel world - no one is indispensable; definitely not her to him.
He is gone now.
Officially announcing the right to someone else to make him happy.
She is miserable, not because he never loved her.
Because she had been fooling herself thinking 'she' made him happy.
Wasted years of her life and herself over an illusion.
Love was too much of a thing; she never expected that you know!
All she wanted to do is make him happy.
And her biggest fear now is to bump into a place where he is happy.
The irony of life - her joy is her bane - was always!
Her only scare in life is to find out how happy he is!
Her only scar in life is that- happy he is!

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